Therapeutic Industry

Evaluation-Therapeutic Industry

EVALUATION THE DRIVER OF CURRENT AND FUTURE MODELS OF THERAPEUTICS DEVELOPMENT Introduction                 The future of drug development in the pharmaceutical industry heavily relies on therapeutical development, driven by advancement in systems therapeutics and molecular biology. This presents a challenge for the pharmacists to collaborate more with other health professionals or experts, especially biotechnologists, to assist in adapting to the pathology-based era of system therapeutics [1] . The progress in molecular genetics and cell biology determines the primary driving force currently and in the future development of therapeutics. The advancement in technology, such as genome editing technology, has been instrumental in understanding biomolecules that can be exploited to improve drug development and explore therapeutic agents that offer new opportunities in pharmacology [2] . In the background, a socio-cultural environment acts as the driving force to current and future

Reflection- Therapeutic Industry

INTRODUCTION TO THE THERAPEUTICS INDUSTRY The Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine program at the University of New South Wales went with many engagements on the number of activities that prepare a way for my studies in next semester two. As usual, the first day began with induction in my view as part of the university actions, informing students with processes and systems in pursuing the course while at the university. The induction processes at some stage prepare me to understand the University of New South Wales systems and procedures relevant to the Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine. It helps me settle down quickly in the new environment, which gives a sense of belonging and enthusiasm. In the first week, as part of an assessment task or activities for the rest of the semester. We expected to complete the class introduction. It was fascinated to learn that the degree course has attracted many fellow students from various diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and professional backgr